Relative calm returns to Nakonde Border post

Nakonde border
Nakonde border

Relative calm as returned to  Nakonde border post  after  some clearing agencies ran amok following the link failure of the a scuba world system at the post.

ZANIS reports Muchinga province Minister colonel Gerry Chanda confirmed  the development in an interview, today.

Colonel Chanda  says the Zambia  Revenue Authority ZRA  officers were working although the link to the systems was still down.

He however ,advised the clearing agencies  to remain calm than taking into the streets.

And chairman  of   Clearing agency in Nakonde Steven Chile she says  they are we’re not in dispute to  the scuba world but the problem is  late clearance.

Mr Chileshe said  his members are paying heavily  due to late clearance as the Tanzania side have charge 20’dolars per day for each  vehicle.

He said  a scuba world is not performing well since installed in Nakonde on third. May 2014.

Mr Chileshe  suggested that as much as the a scuba world  system is having teething problems the ZRA  should allow the  the old a scuba plus system to work side by side as ZRA perfects it’s system.

Meanwhile  one of the affected  clearing  agents  Aaron Phiri noted that Internet connectivity  is poor that fails  to  operate effectively with a scuba world.

Mr Phiri  further observed that almost all clearing agencies have poor connectivity and all  internet providers  fail to meet the demand of a scuba fastness.

13  people were picked up in riotous behaviour that took place  yesterday at Nakonde  border post.