Court orders counselling for 15-yr-old defiler

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A NDOLA magistrate court has ordered a 15-year-old of Chipulukusu to undergo probation and counseling for defiling a four-year-old girl.

Magistrate Chitundu Chongo ordered the 12-month probation and counselling of the juvenile after finding him guilty of defilement.

Ms Chongo said the juvenile offender would be under the probation officer from the Social Welfare Department.

The boy had unlawful carnal knowledge of the girl on March 17, this year in Ndola.

Facts in this case were that the girl, also of Chipulukusu Township, on the material day was playing with her friends around 10:00 hours when the boy took her to an unknown location and defiled her.

The girl’s crying after the incident, alerted members of the public and upon learning what had transpired, took her to the hospital and the matter was reported to the Police.

In mitigation, the boy pleaded for leniency and told the court that he was in Grade Five and that he was staying with his grandfather who could not walk.

He pleaded that he was sorry for his actions and asked the court to forgive him.

Meanwhile, probation officer Angela Mwanza pleaded that the boy was a first offender and had admitted the charge.

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