Kuchunga Edwin Simusamba
Kuchunga Edwin Simusamba

The Press Statement emanating from the Member of Parliament for Kabwata Constituency issued on 18th May, 2014, only helps to consolidate our well considered view that Hon Given Lubinda is a fully functional schizophrenic.

In one breath, Hon Lubinda is championing intelligent issued based politics, while in the next breath, he is hero worshiping Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata the champion of name calling politics.

The discerning public cannot forget that it is Mr. Sata’s style of politics to belittle political opponents by giving them derogatory labels. Can Given Lubinda explain to the public why he has not counseled Mr. Sata for calling his opponents, nashala neka party, under five, calculator boy, Chanda Chimbwi and the list is endless.

Zambians of right thinking know that Hon Given Lubinda has been a chief supporter of Mr. Sata’s policy of coercing opposition members of Parliament to cause by-elections by resigning from their parties to join the ruling PF. The cases in point are that of Hon Gabriel Namulambe, Hon Stephen Masumba, Hon James Chishiba, Hon Patrick Ngoma, Hon David Phiri and Hon Howard Sikwela. When UPND proposes to give PF a taste of its own medicine, Given Lubinda finds that to be repulsive. Clearly, Given Lubinda suffers from cognitive dissonance.

Further we would like to put it on record that Given Lubinda is not a member of the Patriotic Front by conviction but by convenience. We know that he made the transition from ULP to P.F. because he feared a by-election. His own Vice President Dr. Guy Scott recently likened him to a dog!

As for the cheap threat on Mr. Edmond Lifwekelo, we choose to ignore it with the contempt it deserves. I wish to remind Lubinda that he should not forget the conversation he had with me at Parliament Motel when he was serving as Foreign Affairs Minister. If he thinks he is standing on solid ground let him proceed to court and I will be a witness in that case.

In conclusion, we would like to state that Hon Given Lubinda’s political career is a classic example of how a political ‘big’ wig can suddenly turn into a political midget because of political patronage, treachery and gross inconsistencies. ‘Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones’.

Kuchunga Edwin Simusamba