Chief Musele appeals to govt. to rehabilitate two key roads in his chiefdom

Chief Musele -
Chief Musele -

Senior Chief Musele of the Lunda people of Solwezi district has appealed to government to rehabilitate the Kisasa- Wamafwaha and Kankonzhi-Ntambu roads.
Senior Chief Musele explained that the two roads have not being worked on since 2009 and have since become so deplorable.
He said the bad state of the road has become a menace to road users, especially for motorists who move at night.


The traditional leader lamented that with the current poor state of many roads in the area, farmers will find it difficult to transport their produce to the market during this year’s crop marketing season.


He feared that out of desperation, some farmers might even start selling their maize to briefcase buyers who have since invaded the area.
Senior chief Musele was speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Solwezi District , May 19th.

He has appealed to the Rural Roads Unit to move in and work on the two roads to ease the transportation challenges that people are facing.


Government has set out an ambitious economic plan anchored on massive infrastructure development and prudent financial management.

The State has pledged to continue growing the economy through heavy investment in key infrastructure development areas such as road, railway and airports.

Government has  so far demonstrated  this by the implementation of the Link Zambia 8,000 project under which over 1,500 kilometers of road works are being constructed in phase one and over 2,700 kilometers of roads will be upgraded to bituminous standard under phase two.

The Link Zambia 8,000 project is expected to create 24,000 jobs, especially among youths. So far, it has created 14,000 jobs.

Adding to this is the Lusaka 400 road project which involves rehabilitation and construction of some urban roads.

Government has also started implementing the Pave Zambia 2,000 project which is expected to create over 20,000 jobs for youths and impart them with road-paving construction skills.