Liberate air waves, Govt told

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journalists media
The Patriotic Front (PF) government has been urged to liberate the Air waves by allowing those with the capacity to broadcast Nationwide in print or electronic to be given nationwide licenses.

Former United National Independence Party (UNIP) Secretary General Reverent Alfred Banda stresses that by doing so; government will be helping in the development and promotion of democracy.

Reverend Banda has also reminded the PF administration that they were voted in government because the majority where inspired by their promises hence citing out the liberation of the Air waves.

Meanwhile, Reverend Banda has urged the Media to be professional and fair in their coverage of News.

Reverend Banda has observed that a bigger portion of time is allocated to government at the expense of those in the opposition and others with dissenting views.

He notes therefore that it is imperative that there is equal coverage for both government and the opposition even those with dissenting views so as to allow divergence views from all corners.