Hubby accuses ex-wife of making him impotent

Court divorce 2014
Court divorce 2014

A LUSAKA man of Chunga Township who has been struggling to have sex with his wife has accused his former wife of making him impotent.
Victor Chisowala, 39, and Dina Tembo went on separation in 2009 after 15 years in marriage before the husband decided to marry another woman during the separation.
However, the Matero Local Court heard that though Chisowala managed to get himself a new partner, he could not satisfy her sexually and later accused his ex-wife, Tembo.
He submitted before the court that his accusation arose from the fact that Tembo got all his belongings including his underwear when the two were separating in 2009.
The matter was brought before the court after Tembo, 34, sued Chisowala for divorce on grounds that she wanted to remarry after staying away from her husband.
Chisowala told the court that since he separated with his wife, he had tried to take different traditional medicines to enhance his erection but all was in vain.
He dispelled allegations that he had abandoned Tembo and insisted that it was actually her who left the matrimonial home on fears that she could be infected with HIV.
Chisowala claimed his wife had a tendency of pulling his private parts whenever the two had an argument.
But Tembo told the court that her husband deserted home five years ago to marry another woman.
“I am tired of waiting for him to reconcile with me, hence, I need divorce so that I can be free to marry another man,” she said.
Tembo also refuted Chisowala’s claims that she had made him impotent because she never went with his underwear when the two were separating.
“All I want is for the court to grant us divorce and older him to be supporting his children because at the moment he is not supporting them,” she said.
Magistrate Lewis Mumba sitting with Petronalla Kalyelye granted the divorce and ordered Chisowala to compensate Tembo with K8, 000.
The court however advised Tembo to reverse what she did to Chisowala if his impotence claims were true.


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