Kapasa Musonda dates Australia with her Mangishi Designs – Daily Mail

ONE of Zambia’s renowned fashion designers, Kapasa Musonda, is next August scheduled to exhibit her ‘signature’ Mangishi fashion designs at a prestigious fashion show in Adelaide, Australia.

Both Kapasa and Australian fashion show organiser Sandy Clark, a Zambian fashion enthusiast, confirmed the development separately.
Famed for her creative designs, Musonda’s enterprise is gradually emblazoning her name on the list of the country’s emerging fashion gurus.

Kapasa Musonda
Kapasa Musonda

On her breakthrough and passion for the fashion industry, Musonda said the fashion show in Australia will open doors for Zambia.
She said it is the first time a Zambian fashion designer will be showcasing fashion designs in Australia where people are quite familiar with West African designs.
Her passion to develop the Zambian fashion industry and set trends in fashion collections is ripening and somehow hoisting the Zambian flag higher.
Musonda told the Weekend Mail in an interview that her clothing line aims at driving fashion forward through exhibiting a number of Zambian ‘born and bred’ designs.
“As my designs are showcased internationally, this will pave way for other Zambian designers to come on board.“I also want to empower other women to boost the fashion industry in Zambia.”
Having participated in a number of fashion shows and parades in Los Angeles in the United States of America, Kapasa says her designs are inspired by shape, complexion and personalities of individuals.
Her visually stimulating collections have proved to be creative pieces and she seems on track with the dream of creating designs that exude elegance.
“I love how this particular collection incorporates and highlights the ethnicity of the Zambian culture,” Musonda said.
She boats of versatile and artistic Zambian fashion designs.
Musonda enjoys making modern designs and looks set to set trends rather than walk in other people’s shadows.
“This is part of the challenge I have with some clients who come to me…I do not want to tailor designs that they copy from magazines, I want to look at them and design something that will certainly fit them uniquely.” As a designer, she intends to design clothing for people of different shapes and sizes including plus size, and describes her fashion pieces as colourful and suitable to one’s personality and stature.
“I love to bring new designs and create clothes to flatter different figures.”
And Ms Clark said the highlight and focus of the fashion show on August 1 is aimed at showcasing Musonda’s range of fashion garments designed in Zambia.
She confirmed in a statement from Australia that Musonda is scheduled to travel for the debut Australia fashion show where she would address the gathering on the importance of education for young women in Zambia.

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