Armcor ordered to pay outstanding salaries to workers


The Ministry of Labour has directed Armcor Security Company to settle the outstanding salaries owed to its workers.

The directives follows Frida’s meeting between the Ministry of Labour, Armcor Security management and union officials.

Ministry of Labour Chief Planner- Press and Public Relations Mirriam Zimba says the Ministry summoned the security company to iron out the impasse surrounding non payment of salaries.

Ms. Zimba says in a statement to ZNBC News that Armcor has since assured government that it would pay the outstanding salaries by Friday 23rd May.

She says during the meeting management at Armcor Security informed the Ministry that the company was facing challenges as a result of maladministration by previous management that led to poor cash flows.

Ms. Zimba says the security company has however assured the Ministry that they are currently resolving the cash flow problems.

Among those that attended the Meeting include Union representatives from National Union for Safety and Asset Care Workers, Zambia Union of Security Officers and Allied Workers and United National Union of Private Security Employees.

Meanwhile, Labour Deputy Minister, Rayford Mbulu says government is working on strengthening labour laws in the country.

Mr Mbulu added that Zambia has ratified at least 43 international conventions, all for the benefit of the labour market.

Speaking on TV 2′s Seven Days Today programme, he explained that some labour laws need urgent revision and stiffening of penalties for offenders.

And Mr Mbulu has disclosed that the Ministry of Labour has received reports of workers being mistreated by security companies.

He says every worker has the right to join a labour union, as long as all the legal requirements have been met.