Zambia, Rwanda in agro joint venture

Combine Harveste
Combine Harveste

THE Rwandan Government intends to undertake a joint venture with the Zambian Government in the cultivation of crops for export to Rwanda.
Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister Bob Sichinga said that the Government was willing to go into partnership with the Rwandan government to grow crops for exports to that country.
Mr Sichinga said during a business community meeting in Kasama on Wednesday that the Rwandan government had expressed interest to engage into joint ventures so that the two could grow crops in Zambia for export to that country.
He said this in response to a query from a local businessperson on what the Government was doing to promote the growth of other crops such as tomatoes and chili on a large scale.
He said that the Government was willing to go into joint ventures with neighbouring countries – Rwanda in particular – because Zambia had enough land compared to other countries.
He said once the two countries partnered, the venture would result into increased exports to Rwanda.
“We have enough land here in Zambia in comparison to our neighbouring countries.
“Some of them including Rwanda have approached us, to say can we do joint ventures, so that we can grow crops here in Zambia for export to Rwanda so that we take part of the quantity and it does the same,” he said.
He said some Government officials would be traveling to Rwanda on Tuesday next week and expressed hope that they would have side meetings with the Rwandan government so that they could keep people posted on the developments.
Mr Sichinga said that the Government had handed over big operators to be funded by the Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ).
Responding to concerns on the need to expedite construction of Kasama airport to promote tourism, Northern Province Minister Freedom Sikazwe said the funds for construction of the facility had been released.
He said the only problem was that 49 households had encroached on the land.
Mr Sikazwe said if the problem was not resolved, the Government might just lose out on the matter.

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