Serenje youths warn themselves against illegally dealing in Mukula tree

Mukula tree timber
Mukula tree timber

Serenje District PF Youth Chairperson, Chester Kasonde, has urged youths in the district to refrain from involving themselves in illegally dealing in Mukula tree.
The district recently started a fight against indiscriminate cutting and dealing in the prohibited Mukula tree which has become rampant.

Kasonde said youths in the district should never involve themselves in illegal cutting and selling of Mukula tree but instead help government by ensuring that the banned activities are not perpetrated.

“As a District Youth Chairman of the party in power, I would like to warn all my fellow youths in the district to refrain from cutting the trees.

“They should instead help government ensure all banned and illegal activities are not taking place in the district,” Kasonde said.

The District Youth Chairperson, who is also Ibolelo Ward Counsellor, called on youths in the district to be united in order to help the party to deliver development to the people.

“I want to urge all my youths in district to be united for the benefit of government and all Zambians especially the people of Serenje in particular,” he said.

He said PF youths in the district should not allow the opposition to sway them into thinking that the ruling party is not creating jobs the party promised for them during the 2011 general electiond.

Kasonde observed that government is doing a lot in the district for the youths.

He cited the ongoing construction of Kabundi Boarding High School, police camp and houses, the modernising of football pitch at the national square and the opening up of the Youth Recreation Centre as projects that have employed youths.

He said the PF government cannot forget the youths as they are the ones that helped the party to form government in 2011.

Kasonde also challenged youths to form youth groups and apply for government funding for their projects.

“It is not just a matter of crying that government is not helping but it is up to them to get organised and form youth groups and start doing something. For government to fund them it must see what they are doing,” Kasonde observed.