Patriotic Front should not consider itself as a master of politics – UNIP

United National Independence Party (UNIP)
United National Independence Party (UNIP)

The opposition United National Independence Party-UNIP has charged that it has been too much of a delay for a constitution which was promised for ninety days.

Speaking in an interview with Mano News today, UNIP Northern Province Chairperson, Freedom Kafunda questioned the seemingly delay to release the draft constitution when the terms of reference were very clear and straight forward.

Mr. Kafunda stressed that the ruling Patriotic Front should not consider itself as a master of politics, but that it ought to be sensitive to people’s aspirations.

In the run-up to the 2011 tripartite elections, the Patriotic Front promised a cross section of electorates that once it was voted into power, it would give the people of Zambia a new constitution within the first ninety days of its rule.

However, the pledge was never fulfilled and the Patriotic Front Government has since accused some civil society organizations and opposition political parties of hijacking the constitution making process.

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