Projected maize bumper harvest is God’s doing – Mpombo

George Mpombo
George Mpombo

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Projected maize bumper harvest is God’s doing – Mpombo

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Leader George Mpombo says the projected maize bumper harvest will be as a result of God’s intervention and not the efforts of the Patriotic Front government.
Dr. Mpombo has told QFM News that it is wrong for the PF to assume that the anticipated bumper harvest is as a result of its agriculture policies.

He says he does not see any reason for government to brag about the projected bumper harvest because it has not done anything productive in the Agriculture Sector since assuming office.

Dr. Mpombo says the bumper yield the country is expected to record is an act of God because the PF’s Agriculture policy is marred in confusion.

Dr. Mpombo has further challenged government to tell the nation the truth about the expected harvest considering the fact that most small scale farmers received farming inputs late.