Poor sanitation at Mbala Secondary School worries DC

Mbala Secondary School
Mbala Secondary School

Mbala District Commissioner, Best Kabulembe, has described the water crisis at Mbala Secondary School as pathetic.
And Mr Kabulembe has directed Chambeshi Water and Sewerage Company in the district to quickly normalise the situation to avert the outbreak of water borne diseases at the learning institution.

He has directed the water utility company to suspend all routine operations and concentrate on connecting the water supply to the ablution blocks which have been the worst affected at the learning institution.

The District Commissioner, who visited the school this morning, was upset to discover that Chambeshi Water and Sewerage Company had abandoned the connection of water from the elevated tank to the ablution blocks.

Mr Kabulembe also found that since the school opened yesterday, there was no flow of water into the ablution blocks forcing pupils to use the nearby bush to answer the call of nature.

He said the water problem at Mbala Secondary School has been a source of concern for a long time and it needs an immediate attention or risk the school closed.

Mbala Secondary School
Mbala Secondary School

Mr Kabulembe wondered why Chambeshi Water and Sanitation Company has failed to complete the project of connecting the whole school with adequate water supply after government paid huge amounts of money and procured all the required materials.

The District Commissioner said pupils at the learning institution were now learning in a very precarious situation without water whereby anytime there can be an outbreak of disease.

But a source from the water utility company explained that connecting water supply to the ablution blocks was not part of the scope of works of supplying water to the institution.

The source said the money received from government was just to supply water from the source up to the elevated tank at the school, adding that there was no component of extending the supply to the ablution blocks.


  1. What’s the point of building more schools if they cnt maintain old schools what assurance do we that they will maintain the same schools they are building