Zambia Air Force (ZAF) soldiers assault a Church clergyman around Easter

Genesis Church in Kabangwe area. Prophet Sinai Mukanaka
Genesis Church in Kabangwe area. Prophet Sinai Mukanaka

POLICE in Lusaka are investigating a matter in which eight Zambia Air Force (ZAF) soldiers are said to have assaulted a clergyman from Genesis Church in Kabangwe area.
Prophet Sinai Mukanaka was harassed during the Easter period as he prepared to erect a tent for his church in the area.
After the beating, ZAF soldiers ordered the prophet to crawl for 100 metres to the officers’ camp where he was later released by the commander.
Assistant police spokesperson, Rae Hamoonga said initial reports indicate that the clergyman had trespassed on military installations.
Prophet Mukanaka who sustained swollen face from the beating, said ZAF soldiers had been harassing his congregants on allegations that they owned the piece of land where the church had been constructed.
“I am ready to take this case to court because they almost killed me and if indeed I have encroached on their land the best they could have done was to take me to court than trying to kill me,” he said.
Prophet Mukanaka said he was also stabbed in the hands by what he termed overzealous ZAF soldiers who had been threatening him since last December.
Prophet Mukananga later reported the matter to Kabangwe police post where a docket has since been opened.
Mr Hamoonga confirmed that matter had been reported to the police but officers were still investigating the case.


Times of Zambia