YWCA condemns heavy drinking Kalulushi Women who do very little else in life

zambian drunk woman
zambian drunk woman

The Young Women Christian Organisation (YWCA) in Kalulushi has condemned women in Kalulushi that spend most of their time in drinking alcohol, while doing very little in life.

Copper belt Regional Coordinator Sharon Chisanga says women in the district should reduce on drinking alcohol and concentrate on taking care of their families.

Mrs. Chisanga said that young girls and teenagers in Kalulushi’s Kawama Compound go drinking as early as 10:00 hours in the morning.

She added that these young girls go drinking with their children on their back.

ZANIS reports that the YWCA Regional coordinator said this in an interview in Kalulushni District, today.

She said that it was abuse for young girls to carry their babies on their back and go drinking as that was starving them.

Mrs. Chisanga however, called upon the Women to have a time table for drinking as it should not be on the expense of the family members.

She said urged the women to be responsible in the way they were doing things.

She said women should not let other people that had their right to get traumatised by infringing on their rights.

Recently international media reports revealed that there is an increased number of women who spend their time and money on alcohol a development that has unsettled sections of society.


  1. ladies in the past used 2 cook lyk their mothers bt nowadays thy drink lyk their fathers