Kabimba directs committees to indentify candidates for 2016 polls

Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General and Honourable Minister of Justice, Mr Wynter M. Kabimba, SC, ODS, MP
Mr Wynter M. Kabimba

PATRIOTIC Front secretary General Winter Kabimba has directed all party District Committees in Southern Province to commence identification of candidates ahead of the 2016 elections.


Mr. Kabimba,  who is also Justice Minister ,  has advised all the ruling party committees in the province to start identifying eligible candidates for the national elections.


He further directed P.F District Committees to rally behind and support individual P.F party members who will be identified and selected as candidates instead of fighting them.


ZANIS reports that the PF General Secretary said this during a meeting with villagers in Chief Mweemba’s area at Kanchindu Primary School in Sinazongwe District yesterday,


He expressed confidence that the  P.F stood a better chance  of scooping the 2016 polls going by statistics of the previous elections held in the Country.


Mr. Kabimba also called upon Kanchindu Community members in Sinazongwe District and the rest of the people of Southern Province to work with candidates that will be identified for the party ahead of national elections.


He also commended people of Kanchindu and Sinazongwe District as a whole for their support rendered to Sinazongwe Member of Parliament Richwell Siamunene who is also Western Province Minister.


Mr.Kabimba said it was very unfortunate that UPND the party that Siamunene belonged to,  turned against him when accepted the appointment.


He said  Mr. Siamunene accepted the appointment to the position of deputy Minister after consultations with the people of Sinazongwe Constituency because he wanted it to be easy for him to bring about development for them.

Mr.Kabimba said President Sata wanted to run an inclusive Government by appointing members of parliament from the opposition parties and reunite the Country as one Zambia One Nation.


He said if President Sata did not like the people of Southern Province as being perpetrated by the opposition UPND party, some members of parliament and ministers could not have been appointed such as Provincial Minister Daniel Munkombwe, Richwell Siamunene and he himself as Secretary General of the P.F party and Justice Minister.


Mr. Kabimba also dispelled accusations of his P.F being traitors by some opposition leaders adding that leaders in the P.F were patriotic Zambians .


He  called on the community in Kanchindu and Sinazongwe District as whole to remain bold and firm by supporting their current member of parliament Siamunene for P.F in 2016 once the UPND decide to do away.


He challenged people of Sinazongwe District to be careful with some opposition leaders that were busy deceiving them about the P.F Government.


Mr.Kabimba said they were same people who were busy approaching President Michael Sata every time they needed something including business and contracts yet deceiving people that the P.F Government was not there for them.


He advised people in Sinazongwe District and the entire Southern Province never to  accept leaders that were using tribalism to divide the nation at the expense of development.


Mr.Kabimba challenged the people of Southern Province to desist from entertaining such leaders that kept on identifying themselves across tribes.