Govt releases more Money

Mr. Fredson Yamba BOZ
Mr. Fredson Yamba BOZ

Government has released four hundred and eighteen million kwacha for debt service, development programmes and government operations.

Secretary to the Treasury, Fredson Yamba says the funds were released on Friday.

Mr Yamba says part of the money will go for rural roads infrastructure programme in various provinces such as Central, Copperbelt, Luapula, and Northwestern.

He says this will benefit farmers because the recently announced bumper harvest will efficiently be transported from their fields to relevant sheds and crop markets across the country.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives has been allocated two point five million kwacha for programmes related to controlling the spread of the African swine fever and a further six million kwacha for aerial crop spraying.

The Drug Enforcement Commission has been given one point six million kwacha for operations while the Zambia Prison Service got twelve million kwacha for purchase and operation of speed boats.

Other government departments that have been allocated funds are the Foreign Service which has received eight million kwacha while the Ministry of Youth and Sport received five million kwacha for the Youth Development Fund.

Others are the Ministry of Community Development Mother and Child Health, Cabinet Office, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Labour, and the Anti-Corruption-Commission.

Mr Yamba has also disclosed that two hundred and twenty seven million kwacha has been released to finance the servicing of domestic debt.

He says Zambia cannot afford to slip-up on debt obligations because this would reflect badly on credit-ratings by internationally recognized credit rating agencies Fitch, and Standards and Poor’s.