Construction sector to contribute 25% to economic growth by 2020 – NCC

Zambia Sugar Construction
Zambia Sugar Construction
The National Council for Construction (NCC) has projected that by 2020, the construction sector will contribute up to 25 percent to the country’s economic growth.

On average the construction sector contributes up to 17 percent to the country’s economic growth and last year it contributed up to 23 percent.

NCC Executive Director Charles Mushota says his council’s projection of the construction sector’s contribution to the country’s economic growth is based on the increased infrastructure development that the country is expected to see in the coming years.

Mr. Mushota says currently there in excess of twenty thousand jobs in the construction sector and that this is expected to increase further.

He adds that besides jobs being created in the actual constructions works more jobs are being created in the extraction of raw materials for construction and in the processing of raw materials into finished products.

He says this is the more reason that Zambian owned companies should invests more in extraction and processing of raw materials for construction in view of the growing of the sector.

And Mr. Mushota has warned that his council will not relent to deregistered any contractor be it a local or foreign contractor that is not complying with the required safety standards on construction sites.

He says his council is aware of the some local and foreign contractors that are not complying with the safety standards and that the council will not bend not to take action against such none complying contractors in the country.