Another truck load of ‘ umuputu’ timber nabbed in Shiwang’andu District

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A combined team of security wings and forest officials have impounded a Zambian truck loaded with planks en-route to Nakonde.

ZANIS reports that Polices sources and the forest officials have confirmed the development saying  that a truck was impounded while loaded with timber at about midnight.

And three Zambians have been detained for illegally transporting in timber  without operating license  .

The trio will appeared in court soon for illegal trading in timber.

On May 8th  the same joint operation team managed to confiscated timber worth more than  K 80,000.

Muchinga principal forest officer  Evaristo  Nonde has confirmed the development to ZANIS in Isoka District.

Mr. Nonde lamented that there was too much illegal timber activities between Isoka Kampumbu’ s area and Chibale’ chiefdom of Chama  District.

He said foreigners have heavily invade the area cutting timber of new species of   trees called umuputu.

Mr Nonde explained that umuputu tree was mainly used for charcoal making but the Tanzania have discovered that it’s  good timber for export.

He cited one area 50 kilometres east of Isoka  town where more than 1500 planks were ready to be transported to Nakonde and neighbouring Tanzania .

Meanwhile Isoka district commissioner Joe Siwila says government is not going to rest until the illegal timber dealers are caged.

Major Siwila said the Zambian government  is being strapped huge sums of money from timber that could generate a reasonable funds if well traded



  1. nyc wrk officers…..The government shud put in place measures 2 minimose the vice of stealing timber

  2. Y cnt the government legalize and give licenses to investors so tha many zambian benefits through employment ad raise the revenue of the country