Govt allocates funds for completion of Kafwasonyi clinic

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—-Government has allocated K123, 500 to help complete the construction of a clinic in Kafwasonyi area of Mangango Constituency, 170 km south-west of Kaoma district in Western Province.


Mangango Member of Parliament, Robert Chiseke, who is also Commerce, Trade and Industry Deputy Minister, disclosed the development in an interview with ZANIS during a conducted tour of his constituency.


Mr Chiseke said Kafwasonyi villagers are covering over 20 km to get to Winda Rural Centre and 35 km to access medical services at Kabilamwandi Health Post in Kaoma district.


He said the PF government, through the Ministry of Health, had budgeted K123, 500 under the infrastructural development plan for the completion of a clinic in Kafwasonyi area in Lwambuwa ward whose works had stalled since 2010 and urged relevant authorities to expeditiously release the funds.


Mr Chiseke said the Kafwasonyi clinic project, which is at window level, needs additional funding for it to be completed if the people’s difficulties are to be alleviated.


He added that there is need for staff housing, a mothers’ shelter, water reticulation system and sanitation facilities at the clinic.


Mr Chiseke said that expectant mothers and patients are risking their lives by crossing the Luena river using a banana boat provided under the Constituency Development Fund to access medical services at Mayankwa Rural Health Centre in neighbouring Lukulu district.


He urged the Road Development Agency (RDA) to hastily put up a bridge which will link Kafwasonyi to Mwito in Lukulu district where Mayankwa Rural Health Centre is located.


During the tour Mr Chiseke also inspected the construction of a K150, 000 crossing point on Lwambuwa river whose construction started in October last year.


He called on the local authority in Kaoma to ensure that the 15 culverts worth K45, 000 which were damaged due to poor workmanship are replaced.


Mr Chiseke alleged that the culverts were damaged because of lack of supervision by the Community Access and Improved Programme (CAIP) officials based at Kaoma District Council.


He added that the Lwambuwa crossing point is vital as it provides a link for farmers to transport their produce to the market and called for prudent utilisation of government resources.