100 KCM miners protest against their employers ‘defiance on minimum wage

Konkola Copper Mines
Konkola Copper Mines

Over hundred workers employed by Konkola Copper Mines Contracted companies today stormed the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) offices in Kitwe to complain about the company’s defiance on implementing the minimum wage that has been set by government.

And police in full riot gear were on hand to prevent the irate workers from rioting.

The workers appealed on government to compel their employers to implement the minimum wage to enable them get decent salaries for them to be able to support their families.

And speaking on behalf of the other workers, Stanley Chisenga , said the workers were paid below the stipulated minimum wage.

Mr Chisenga told ZANIS in an interview that the workers were paid as low as K600 when their colleagues on the full time payroll were paid above K3000.

He said the workers were demanding a pay rise to a level where the lowest should be paid at least K2000.

He added that the workers were not provided with safety clothing while on duty which he said was putting their lives at risk.

He said government should not allow workers in the mining sector to be exploited with poor wages when the investors in the sector were making a lot of money from the Zambian mineral resources.

Mr Mulenga also complained that the police tear gassed the workers who were peaceful and did not commit any crime but merely walked to ZNBC studios to air their grievances.

The workers who staged a peaceful protest came from Lengesonda limited, I Sapwe construction Company and Seven Two-Two limited among others.

Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda have on several occasions appealed on employers in the country to implement the recently revised minimum wage.


  1. Naimwe ba LV is this a protest ro just a gathering of employees. Bushe does Konkola really have these many issues ?