RDA assures 24,000 jobs coming

Road works within and around the Luapula Province
Road works within and around the Luapula Province

THE Road Development Agency (RDA) has assured that the more than 24,000 jobs targeted to be created under the Link Zambia 8,000 will be actualised once the road works have gained momentum.
The Link-Zambia 8,000, a project earmarked to transform the country’s road system, is projected to be implemented over a five to 10-year period.
RDA head of public relations, Loyce Saili allayed the concerns during a radio programme on Radio Explorers of Petauke yesterday.
Ms Saili is in Eastern Province leading a media team to check on road works on the Great East Road, which is undergoing major rehabilitation from Luangwa to Mwami border post.
She also said that some portions of the road network would be realigned to reduce on sharp curves, which had been the danger-spots contributing to road traffic accidents especially around Nyimba area.
Ms Saili also appealed to local authorities in the area to help address the issue of vandalism on road infrastructure such as signage.
She said the RDA would embark on an intense sensitisation programme to inculcate a sense of ownership among the people to change attitudes concerning road safety and the importance of road signs.
“There is rampant vandalism on road signage, which has contributed to the increase in road accidents, because these signs help the road users to know where to stop and where to slow down on the road but in the absence of these, we are putting the lives of road users at risk, so we are here to commence awareness about this,” she said.
Eastern Province RDA director, Thomas Zimba said the road works on the Great East Road would create between 400 to 500 jobs as well as improve road safety.
Mr Zimba said the youths were the ones that would mainly benefit from the job opportunities.
The Nacala Corridor road works also known as the Great East Road works, involve works from Luangwa Bridge to Nyimba, which was being implemented by Mota Engil Engenharia of Portugal at a cost of K328.2million.
The Sinda to Nyimba works, were also being undertaken by Condril Engenharia S.A of Portugal, at a cost of K439.6 million.
The other part of the works would encompass the Sinda to Mutenguleni link also being undertaken by Mota Engil Engenharia at a cost of K348.3 million while the works on Mutenguleni to Mwami Border also by the Portuguese contractor, would cost K337.7million.

 Times of Zambia