Labour unions condemns violent approach towards constitution making process

Zambia draft Constitution

The Federation of Free Trade Unions of Zambia (FFTUZ) has said the current debate on the draft constitution should not be championed by wrong personalities with
hidden agendas while the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has demanded Government to fulfil its campaign promise to deliver a people-driven constitution quickly because it is a frame work for good governance.

Speaking during the Labour Day celebrations held in Luangwa District, FFTUZ representative, Bilings Chanda, said as a union body they were disappointed with some people who have started discussing the on-going debate on the amendment of the draft constitution with their church
followers in a violent manner.

Mr Chanda said some Pastors and Church leaders are a risk to the future of the peace that Zambians have enjoyed for 50 years because they are discussing the issue of the draft constitution in a violent manner which is inciting followers against the leadership of the country.

He said the FFTUZ is interested in seeing the positive conclusion of the enactment of the new constitution which should be people-driven done in a patient and humble manner.

The FFTUZ representative said the enactment of the new constitution should be guided on a sober and non-partisan mind as it should be a people’s document and politicians should not champion this cause in the political avenue but let ordinary people participate without intimidation and oppression.

Mr Chanda appealed to the Church to pray for the leadership of the country so that peace is enhanced instead of joining politics of violence.

And Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) representative, Chinoda Ngwira, said as a union body they demand that Government fulfils its promise to deliver a new constitution within the earliest possible time at it is a frame work of good governance.

Mr Ngwira said a good constitution can stimulate socio-economic growth and this underscores why the country, which is in need of socio-economic development, needs a new constitution to inspire growth.

And speaking at the same function, Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Education, Patrick Ngoma, who was Guest of honour called on the people and stakeholders not to shun away from the much-needed development by focusing all their efforts on the enactment of the draft constitution.

Mr Ngoma said the PF Government promised its citizens a people-driven constitution and it will exactly do what it promised as can be seen from the many developments across the country which it promised to do.

He said this year’s Labour Day theme of Zambia at 50 years, creating decent work and promoting socio-economic justice for national development was unique because as Zambia was celebrating its golden jubilee and remembering the sacrifice the workers made to the liberation struggle, it should also be a constant reminder and challenge to everyone to place service before personal gain.

Mr Ngoma said Government appreciates the sacrifice of many Zambians who contributed towards the attainment of this political independence and it is geared to solve the many challenges that the country is going through so that all its citizens are economically free.

He appealed to the workers and stakeholders to supplement and compliment Government’s efforts in achieving this economic independence instead of channelling all their efforts on the draft constitution which Government has said it will give to the people.

Meanwhile, the Luangwa District Labour Day Organizing Committee has appealed to Government to quickly consider decentralising other Government Departments at District level to enable make decisions of even awarding their workers.

Committee representative, Lawrence Sakala, observed with sadness that some Government Departments at district level had failed to award deserving workers because decisions are made at either Provincial or Ministry Headquarters levels.

Mr Sakala commended other departments that have been decentralised such as agriculture, education, health and institutions such as the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company, Child-Fund Zambia and the Chinese Contractor tarring the D145 road, China Geo, for awarding there workers.

He commended China Geo for being part of the celebrations since they came to the district in 2013 and have awarded there workers which was not the case with many other contractors.


  1. Fftuz. You are just impotent! Bakandile imwe! Uncivilised batch! Stay out of it ngabalemilishamo ba Pf. We want this country to be run fairly and not one man’s show.