Thieves rob Monze ZamPost office


THIEVES have broken into a Zambia Postal Services Corporation (ZamPost) building in Monze District where they blew up a safe and made off with more than K13,000 cash and other valuables
The criminals tied a security guard who was found guarding the premises with a rope before they broke the back door of the post office to gain entry.
Southern Province police chief, Mary Chikwanda confirmed the incident yesterday.
Ms Chikwanda said the incident happened on Sunday around 01:00 hours and that the criminals got away with K13,641 cash after blowing the safe using explosives.
Ms Chikwanda said the criminals also stole a laptop valued at K3,500.
“We have a case where unknown people broke into Monze post office on Sunday around 01:00 hours and got away with K13,641 cash and a laptop valued at K3,500,” she said.
Ms Chikwanda said police have not made any arrest but that investigations have been instituted to capture the criminals.
“We have intensified investigations on the matter and our appeal is for members of the public to also help us with information that will lead to the capture of these criminals,” she said.