MMD still scrutinizing convention petitions

Nevers Mumba
Nevers Mumba

MMD National Chairperson Kabinga Pande says he is still scrutinizing the six petitions submitted to call for the convening of an extraordinary convention to elect a new party leadership.

Mr Pande says he wants to ensure that those who signed the petitions are bonafide members of the party, appearing both in the party secretariat records as well as in the districts and provincial executive registers.

Mr. Pande has told QFM News that petitions from two provinces are remaining to be verified and has since expressed confidence that the process will be finalized in the course of this week.

He notes that it is imperative that the party is put in order ahead of the 2016 general elections hence.

He has also urged party members to rally behind the leadership.

Mr Pande adds that it is also imperative that the leadership of the party works towards bringing harmony to the party.