Mailoni brothers’ mother fears for her life

mailoni brothers
mailoni brothers

MOTHER of the three notorious Mailioni brothers who were gunned down last year for killing over 12 people in Luano District of Central Province, is living in fear following continued attacks by unknown people.

The three brothers Mika 35, Fabian, alias Tunda, 31, and Stephano 27, were shot dead in June last year and were buried in Kabwe by security personnel.

Ms Janet Ngimu said the reasons people were attacking her were unknown but she suspects there could be some people who are against her late sons’ activities.

In an interview at her home in Kabwe’s Kawasaki area, Ms Ngimu said that people have been stonning her house at night as well as during the day and is shocked with the hostility. She maintained that she never supported her sons’ acts.

She said following the killing of her sons, she asked for forgiveness from those who suffered at their hands and maintained that their actions did not only cause fear to members of the public but to her as well.

“I am living in fear because I don’t know why people have been stoning my house but I suspect that there could be people who are still aggrieved with what my three sons were doing,” she said.

She said that apart from stoning her house, some people broke into her house and got away with a blanket, a bag of mealie-meal and other items which were donated to her by well-wishers.

Central Province Commissioner of Police Standwell Lungu said police are investigating the matter and that officers were already on the ground but warned that those found wanting will face the law.

Security officers shot dead the notorious Mailoni brothers who had been brutally killing people in Luano Valley since 2007 and are believed to have killed 12 people all of whom were stabbed using bows and arrows.

A combined team of security officers gunned down the three brothers deep in the forest, sending people in Chief Chembe’s area into celebrations after living in fear for seven years.

Among the victims of the three siblings was Zambia Flying Doctor Services (ZFDS) chief pilot Moses Masumba who was killed in cold blood.

Villagers, who lost their relatives at the hands of the three, wept while others cursed the corpses as they remembered their loved ones.


  1. The 3 mailoni brothers were responsible for the killings and not the mother or any relative,so any one found guilty of the current situation let him/her face the law,its unfair even to the extent of breaking into the poor womans house.No!

  2. dts total animosity by some people……she wsnt responsible 4 ha son’s inhuman behavoiur….may dey leave de old lady in peace