Woman weeps uncontrollably pleading with the court not to dissolve her marriage

Divorce Court
Divorce Court

A 56-YEAR-OLD woman of Lusaka’s Kabulonga Township shocked a fully packed Boma Local Court during the week as she wept uncontrollably pleading with the court not to divorce her from her husband.
Catherine Mpande told the court that at her age she could not bear the shame and stigma associated with divorce.
This was in a case where her husband James Mpande, 64 sued for divorce following persistent marital problems.
Catherine said problems in their marriage started when Mpande started an affair with their maid before seeing another woman of Kafue Township.
Although her husband who has since left the matrimonial home wanted divorce, Catherine said she was not ready to separate and begged the court to reconcile them.
“I am old, at my age and what will I tell the children if I divorce today. I will continue waiting for my husband, no matter how long it will take for him to come back home,” said Catherine who could not hold back her tears.
“I am very sure that the young woman my husband is going out is just after his money.”
She called on the young women fond of having love affairs with older men to stop because they were causing pain to their fellow women.
However, Mpande told the court that he no longer wanted to continue staying with his wife because she was a bad woman who had made him go through so much pain.
In apparent reference to Catherine’s cry, Mpande said his wife was a comedian who had managed to attract sympathy from all the people in court.
“So, you people pretending to be surprised are you telling me that you have never seen a man of my age marry a young woman?
“I don’t care how my wife cries, all I want is the court to grant us divorce so that I can marry the woman I want,” he said.
The case has since been adjourned to 12th of May.