’Wizard claims land woman in trouble


A TWENTY-ONE-year-old woman of Kabushi Township has been fined K800 for alleging that an 84 -year-old man of the same area was a wizard.
Passing judgment, Kabushi Local Court presiding magistrate Oscar Kalaba said the  matter had been proved and Tabeya Mozimupiya was found guilty of accusing Mr James Lubi of practising witchcraft.
Mr Lubi told the court that on April 3, 2014 Ms Mozimupiya told him that she dreamt about him being involved in evil practices.
He said the allegations by the defendant shocked him because he had been looking at her as his own child.
“I have seen this girl grow, she’s as good as my child, I was so shocked that she could call me a wizard,” he said.
He said thereafter, he went home and shared the same information with his grandchildren who also went to approach her over the allegations. But  she insisted that the plaintiff was actually a wizard.
But in her defence, Ms Mozimupiya said Mr Lubi had brought money for some goods he bought from her stand.
She said after he made the payment, he asked why she kept on starring at him and what was it that she always thought about him.
She said her response was that there was nothing wrong and also denied ever calling Mr Lubi a wizard.
But Mr Kalaba in judgment said that there was nothing wrong in dreaming of someone and that should not warrant anyone to accuse another of practising witchcraft.
Mr Kalaba said the K800 fine should be paid in installment of K200 for four months from June 2, 2014.