Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia cancels the tender for compound D fertilizer raw materials

Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia LTD
Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia LTD

The Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia has cancelled the tender to supply and deliver raw materials for the production of compound D fertilizer for 2014 and 2015 farming season.

And the National Union for Commercial and Industrial Workers is saddened by cancellation of the tender by NCZ.Union Chairperson TEDDY MACHALO says the move will greatly affect the production and early delivery of fertilizer to the farmers.

Mr. MACHALO says the development will not only affect the farmers but also employees at NCZ.He told ZNBC news in KAFUE that 75 percent of the population in Kafue district depend on NCZ production.And union secretary CHRISPINE MUBANGA has called for government to intervene and reverse the cancellation to serve the people in Kafue district from loss of income