ZCTU unhappy with two year wage freeze

Labour Day in pictures
Labour Day in pictures

The Zambia Congress of Trade Unions [ZCTU] says it is unhappy with government’s two year wage freeze in the public sector.

ZCTU official Stanley Banda says his Union was not pleased with the wage freeze in the public service saying the move would have ad adverse impact on the civil servants and the country as a whole.

A Trade Unionist Mr. Stanley Banda observed that there was no need for government to impose two year wage freeze on civil servants when prices of essential goods and commodities were always being hiked.

ZANIS in Lundazi report that ZCTU Representative was speaking in Lundazi May 1st  during this year’s Labor Day celebrations held at Vigodo grounds those theme was ‘’Zambia at 50 creating Decent Work and Promoting Social Economic Justice for National Development’’.

A Trade Unionist Banda said government must realize that it’s the biggest employer in Zambia and a two year Wage freeze impose on its workers, will set a bad precedence to private sectors.

Mr Banda further disclosed that Labor Movement in Zambia was deeply concerned by government delays in reviewing labor laws because currently Zambia has outdated labor laws, forcing private sectors to take advantage and abuse workers.

And speaking at the same function Lundazi District Commissioner Janet Palukani said Patriotic Front [PF] government will continue to diversify and industrialize the economy, especially in the labor intensive sectors of agriculture, tourism, manufacturing and construction in order to create more jobs for Youths.