Kabimba’s remarks over constitution annoy NAREP

The opposition national restoration party (NAREP) has expressed concern over the recent remarks by justice minister Wynter Kabimba suggesting that the technical committee did not adhere to the patriotic front manifesto when drafting the constitution.

NAREP Presidential Assistant David Kapoma has told qfm news that Mr. Kabimba should withdraw the statement if government means well for all Zambians.

Mr. Kapoma explains that the patriotic front should know that they themselves have not been following their manifesto and they must not expect any other persons or institutions to follow their manifesto.

Mr. Kapoma stresses that the PF has run out of ideas and they do not mean any good for the Zambian people who gave them the opportunity to be in government.

He adds that the PF has no vision for the country and Zambians know how the party they voted for has brought so much disappointment for the country.