Police graft hotspots cited

Zambia police road blocks
Zambia police road blocks

ANTI-Corruption Commission (ACC) director-general Rosewin Wandi (left) has described the traffic , prosecution, administration and accounts sections of the Zambia Police Service as corruption “hotspots” and called for interventions to curb the vice to restore integrity in service delivery.

Ms Wandi said this in a speech read for her by ACC director for community education Lawrence Hansingo during the official opening of a managerial accountability workshop for the Zambia Police Service in Lusaka yesterday.
“Hotspot areas in the operations of Zambia Police Service are the areas of traffic, prosecution, administration and accounts,” she said.
Ms Wandi said institutions such as the Zambia Police Service can use corruption vulnerability assessments that can identify areas that give rise to corruption and other malpractices and abuses.
She also said ACC is committed to working with the Zambia Police Service to enhance corporate governance.
“This process is meant to help come up with measures to seal the loopholes and the corruption vulnerability assessment is a tool in the integrity committee programme that is meant to help the institution identify areas of vulnerability,” Ms Wandi said
And Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani said the objective of the national anti-corruption policy is to coordinate and harmonise efforts towards the fight against corruption.
Ms Libongani said in a speech read for her by deputy commissioner of police Chola Katanga that Government launched the policy to help coordinate efforts in the fight against corruption.
She said the fight against corruption should not be left to Government alone but that all citizens, especially public officers, should participate.
“All of us are change agents that need to sensitise others on the great impact that corruption has on service delivery and the development of the nation as a whole,” Ms Libongani said.
She said the police should seek technical advice from ACC to come up with measures that will improve service delivery systems.
Ms Libongani said identifying risk factors in the Zambia Police Service will help in the implementation of measures that reduce corruption.


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