Cheating husband sued for divorce


A WOMAN of Lusaka’s Kamwala South township, asked the Lusaka Boma Court to end her marriage of eight years claiming that her husband no longer desired her and had invited another woman to live in their home.
Delphine Kampamba, 37, of Kamwala South sued for divorce from Boyd Milimo, 45, also of Kamwala South. The pair have no children together.

In giving her statement before senior principal magistrates, Juliet Mwila and Gaston Kalala, Delphine said she and Boyd were traditionally married on June 29, 2005.
Things seemed to go well at the beginning of their marriage as Delphine was involved in business and travelled frequently to Mozambique.
Their relationship however became unpleasant in 2010 after Delphine lost a baby and Boyd would make constant reference to the incident.
“After consulting with a doctor, my husband was told he drank too much and I was told I had water in my tubes which was why we could not conceive,” Delphine explained.
She said her husband insisted he could not stay with a woman who could not bear children.
Delphine also said her husband was unfriendly towards her relatives and complained that they made too many visits to their home.
In 2011, Delphine learnt through Boyd’s relatives that he had made another woman pregnant.
She said the woman was staying with her in-laws and she met her shortly after hearing about her.
Delphine’s in-laws apologised to her about the situation but she was also disappointed that Boyd had not told her about the child his girlfriend was carrying.
According to Delphine, Boyd kept insisting that it was better for him to stay with a woman he was profiting from than one he was not.
“He told me that our marriage was an informal affair after all and we did not even have a marriage certificate,” Delphine shared.
Boyd on the other hand told the court that he and Delphine were married in 2008 and not 2005.
He said when he married Delphine she said was not involved in business. He too was out of employment and did private jobs with different companies to raise money.
Boyd stated that he gave Delphine money to start going to Mozambique for business and when money from her business began to accumulate, she asked if she could buy a depot from where to sell fish.
Boyd also complained about the frequency with which Delphine’s relatives were visiting to their home.
On one occasion, Boyd chased Delphine’s sister from their home after she had been locked up by the police.
“At one point she brought home a little boy to stay at home who she named Katongo Milimo,” Boyd said. “Another time she brought home another child whose parents were still alive”
He also accused Delphine of having been married thrice before marrying him and admitted to having fathered a child while married to her.
The court found that the child Boyd had with another woman in 2010 while married to Delphine could have contributed to their marital woes.
Based on his various defenses, the court felt that Boyd wanted Delphine to leave him and also found that he had tortured her a lot.
Divorce was granted and the court ruled that Delphine would be given K20, 000 as compensation by Boyd to be paid in K800 instalments starting at the month end of April.
All property acquired by Boyd and Delphine during their marriage was to be equally shared, the court ruled.