Council to repossess undeveloped land

clearing land
clearing land

NDOLA CITY Council says it will next week start repossessing undeveloped land following the expiry of the 90-day amnesty given to land owners.
Council public relations manager Roy Kuseka said in an interview yesterday that the municipality will also repossess land from owners who have defaulted in paying premiums and offer it to other applicants.

“As you are aware, there is high demand for land and that is why we want to grab land from those who are not serious and give those that can do something on it,” Mr Kuseka said.
And Ndola mayor Samuel Munthali said he is determined to ensure that Ndola is transformed into the economic hub of the Copperbelt.
Mr Munthali said this during a media luncheon at Starscape restaurant on Wednesday that the local authority can only deliver if it works closely with the media.
“Since we serve the same public, my understanding is that our working relationship must be non-antagonistic but cordial so that we can diligently serve members of the public,” Mr Munthali said.
He also said he is pleased that Government will rehabilitate a stretch of five kilometers of roads in Ndola under the Pave Zambia 2,000 road project.
“Works are likely to begin in May and some roads to be worked on are Kwacha, James Phiri, Nyati and Kampala,” Mr Munthali said.
He also said six more roads will be worked on under the formula one road project covering a stretch of 56.32 kilometers
Mr Munthali also said Government will rehabilitate a stretch of 27.7 kilometers under the Ministry of Local Government and Housing
The four roads earmarked for rehabilitation are Macha, Nakambala, Kabompo and Miyombe.




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