Harrington lobbies Kapata to reinstate dismissed ZAWA officers

William Harrington
William Harrington
Former Transport and Communications Minister William Harrington has advised Tourism and Arts Minister Jean Kapata to consider respecting the findings of the Sylvia Masebo Tribunal as she ushers in a new Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) board.

Ms. Kapata is said to avail the new ZAWA board in the next two weeks.

But Mr. Harrington says having been the petitioner of the Sylvia Masebo Tribunal that ruled that senior ZAWA management officers were dismissed erroneously by the former Tourism Minister Ms. Masebo, he expect that Ms. Kapata would consider reinstating the dismissed ZAWA officers.

Mr. Harrington has told Qfm news in a telephone interview that this is especially that the dismissed ZAWA management officers won their case in the Industrial Court after their employment was erroneously terminated.

And Mr. Harrington has advised that Ms. Kapata should also acquaint herself with the ZAWA Act and always consult with the Attorney General whenever she is about to make any decisions relating to the operations ZAWA.


  1. Is He the one now controlling the useless Minister of Art & Tourism?This is interesting,I hope he will be nominated & be appointed to head one of the useless Ministries!