UTH to be upgraded to super specialized hospital-Sata

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–President Michael Sata has said the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) shall be upgraded and modernized into a super specialized hospital.


And President Sata said Livingstone General Hospital, Ndola Central Hospital and Kitwe Central Hospital would be upgraded, equipped and transformed it into teaching hospitals.


He said this year government increased the budget for the Ministry of Health to K635 million in order to acquire essential medicines, especially for ARVs and malaria medicines.


This has seen unprecedented increase in allocation for ARVs from US$10 million in 2010 to US$42 million in 2014.


Mr. Sata said in his latest facebook posting that his government wants to afford more Zambians access to specialized quality health care services.


He said government allocated K204 million to the Ministry of Health last year for the upgrading and modernization of major hospitals in the country.


The Head of State disclosed that modernisation works at UTH include the construction of adult medical emergency unit (AMEU), rehabilitation of existing wards and new surgical ward block, oxygen piping, water supply, maternity, central ventilation systems and infrastructure on Central Sterilising Supply Department (CSSD) among others.


“Equipment for all the four hospitals is under procurement and these include theatre, prosthetics and orthotics, physiotherapy, pediatrics, outpatient, ophthalmology and mental health equipments. Other pieces of equipment are internal medicine equipment, ICU, dental, blood transfusion laboratory and imaging equipments,” Mr. Sata said.


He added that government has prioritized the provision of essential medicines to improve the availability and accessibility of basic essential medicines for the people.


President Sata said the opening of the Choma, Chipata and Mongu hubs would improve the distribution system in the provision of quality health care services.


“I wish to reaffirm our government’s commitment to re-organize the health sector to ensure significant improvement in service delivery in a clean, caring and competent environment in order to create a better Zambia for all,” he said.