High mealie meal prices caused by high transportation costs.

Kalonga Milling Mealie Meal
Kalonga Milling Mealie Meal

The Millers Association of Zambia (MAZ) has attributed the increase in mealie meal prices to high transportation costs.

MAZ President Allan Sakala said in an interview that transporters are overcharging mealie meal traders to transport the product to various parts of the country.

Mr. Sakala explained that most milling companies are situated in urban areas and traders buying the commodity are incurring additional costs to transport to rural areas.

He noted that for as long as the cost of transportation continues to increase, the price of Mealie Meal will continue escalating.

Mr. Sakala however stated that the best way to tackle the escalating mealie meal prices is by addressing the price of fuel.

Mr. Sakala has since charged that the association is not to blame for the high mealie meal prices in the country.

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