Chief Macha bemoans Increased Alcohol abuse

Chief Macha

Chief Macha of the Tonga speaking people of Macha area in Choma District has complained about the increasing alcohol abuse in his chiefdom by the male folk.

He said it is saddening that instead of engaging in productive activities some men have opted to drink beer every day.

Speaking to ZANIS in an interview April 15th , Chief Macha said the trend has resulted in most men failing to provide for their families and take their children to school.

He described the situation as a sad and very discouraging development in his Chiefdom.

The Traditional leader has since called on the local authority to look into the matter by exploring possibilities of relocating or closing down some taverns whose locations are not ideal in the community.

He observed that some beer halls are located near schools which disturb children when they are learning.

Chief Macha implored the local authority to quickly start regulating the bars and taverns in his Chiefdom.