Woman bites man’s genitals in Kabwe, admitted to Kabwe General Hospital

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

AN 18-YEAR-OLD man of Kabwe’s Makululu township has allegedly been bitten on the genitals by a woman of the same area in unexplained circumstances.
The victim, Jack Kamoto, was allegedly bitten by a woman only identified as Bana Aggie, and is admitted at Kabwe General Hospital.

Central Province commissioner of police Standwell Lungu confirmed the matter and that it is under investigations.
Jack said from his hospital bed on Sunday that he was allegedly attacked around 20:00 hours on Friday outside Sonks Corner where his elder brother had sent him to buy beer.
“When she saw me, she started insulting me but I ignored her.  When I went outside, she followed me and she picked a stone which she threw and hit me from behind. I then fell and she jumped on me and bit me on my private parts. I felt excruciating pain,” Jack said.
He said after the attack, he limped home in pain and reported the matter to his elder brother and together they went to the police.
“At Kamanda Police Post, the police told us to immediately go to the hospital because if I was not careful, I may not be able to have children. I came here around 23:00 hours and they gave me an injection to reduce the pain,” Jack said.


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