Chambeshi Water and Sewerage Company appeals for calm

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Chambeshi Water and Sewerage Company appeals for calm

Kasama, April 15th, 2014, ZANIS — Chambeshi Water and Sewerage Company in Kasama has called for patience from its customers as it strives to repair the water reticulation system in Kasama Town.

The Utility company director of technical services Willard Matoka says the company had contracted China Gansu Co-operation Ltd, to install new water pipes and meters in Mulenga Hills and New location residential areas of Kasama.

Matoka said new water tanks would also be installed by the company.

Residents in the two areas today stormed ZANIS offices in Kasama complaining that there was a critical shortage of tap water in their areas.

They lamented that they had resorted to streams and shallow wells for their water needs putting themselves at risk of catching various waterborne diseases.

They said most water points had dried up for a long time now, adding the company had not fulfilled their promise to restore water by 31st March, 2014.

But Matoka said his company was aware of customers’ complaints and concerns and were seriously addressing them.

‘We are aware of all these challenges because what we are doing is a complete overall of the all system so that our customers can appreciate our services,’ he said.

He appealed to people that were illegally connected to the water system to take advantage of the company’s amnesty and register their details for them to become genuine customers.

Matoka warned that illegal water connections was an offence because it robbed genuine customers of the proper service, saying the company would prosecute anybody found wanting.