Late Keagan Mumba
Late Keagan Mumba

CONFUSION in the family of late Zanaco coach Keagan Mumba has continued with one of the sisters of the deceased dragging the widow to court in a bid to elect an administrator.
Susan Mumba 48, of Kalomo District sued the widow, Florence in a bid to force her into choosing an administrator barely a week after the burial of Mumba.
Mumba had five children from four different women.
Magistrate Serah Nyendwa Phiri, sitting with magistrates Contildah Kamono and Mubukwanu Matakala was left wondering that the family of the late coach could drag the widow to court just days after burial.
Susan, who is not one of the beneficiaries, claimed that there was confusion in the selecting process of the administrator for her brother’s estate.
She alleged that the family could not choose an administrator because the widow was not willing to do so hence her decision to seek court intervention.
But Florence told the court that from the time her husband died on March 29 and later buried on April 2, the family had not sat to discuss the issue of an administrator.
“The only thing we discussed after burial was the distribution of my husband’s clothes which we did without any problems,” she narrated.
Florence said she was surprised to have been taken to court without having a meeting as a family to choose an administrator.
“I’m surprised that I have been brought here,” she said.
“We never talked of choosing an administrator; my sister-in-law who has brought me here today wasn’t even present when we were distributing the clothes.”
During cross-examination, Susan failed to answer Florence’s challenge on whether the defendant was refusing to elect an administrator.
Instead, Florence admitted that the two parties had not sat to discuss the matter and that was why they had decided to ask the court to help them.
The two parties were asked by the court to choose an administrator and settled for three children – Jofita (Widow’s daughter), Las and Deborah – who are both from different mothers.
Las and Deborah had claimed that their father had left three houses, three cars, a farm and undisclosed money but the widow produced evidence suggesting that two houses and a car were hers.
Magistrate Phiri ordered that 35 per cent of the money from any property must go to the widow while the remaining 65 was allocated to


  1. It is clear that the widow is the cause of all these problems. Choosing an administrator is a procedural issues and the widow should have been forthcoming on the matter. She kept quite and kept every one guessing. Do you know what she was doing all this while????changing papers into her name. I don’t think the relatives of the deceased did not try to call for a meeting but the widow was dillydallying to sit down and choose an administrator. Going to court is the last resort.

  2. The problem was created by the deceased. from this story he had many other wives and children from different women. what we read here are just consequences. about the sister i just wish people could work than to depend on some one dying so that they scrumble for a little goods that could have helped the children. no wonder we have so many street kids as though their parents never worked hard for their future.