Constitution pressure bearing on PF – FDA

Zambia draft Constitution
The Forum for Democratic Alternatives (FDA) has charged that Vice President Guy Scott’s appeal to call to the Law Associate of Zambia to help lead the country into a consensus building process to achieve a constitution that would stand a test of time, is itself testimony of President Michael Sata’s failed leadership over the constitution making process.

FDA General Secretary Kennedy Mubanga in a statement issued to QFM News says the constitution making process requires bold and fearless leadership as exhibited by first president Dr. Kenneth Kaunda over the debate for the return to plural politics in 1990, where he repeated Article 4 to allow multiparty political dispensation in the country.

Mr Mubanga notes that in the current constitution crisis, President Sata has proved himself that he lacks magnanimity.

He says President Sata is only preoccupied with the Patriotic Front’s continued stay in power.

Mr Mubanga adds that the appeal by Dr.Scott to the Law Association of Zambia to lead the country out of the current constitution crisis is an indication that pressure is bearing on the Patriotic Front administration.