Zambezi HODs urged to report police officers abusing their authority


The Police Public Complaint Authority (PPCA) Chairperson James Mwanakatwe has called on heads of government departments in Zambezi district to report police officers that are abusing their power to the relevant authority.

Mr Mwanakatwe has noted that some police officers in the country have taken advantage of the ignorance that members of the public have about the rights.

He was speaking during a sensitization meeting with heads of government departments in Zambezi district on April 4th.

Mr Mwanakatwe said it is high time the public was aware that there is an institution under the Ministry of Home Affairs that is mandated to safeguard citizen’s rights against being abused by police officers.

He cited an example of some police officers that keep suspects for more than 48 hours without appearing in court, a situation which he said was an offence.

Mr Mwanakatwe said citizens have a right to appeal to the PPCA against all police officers who are abusing their powers.

He explained that the appeal could be made to the PPCA within a period of two years through the Council Secretary or the Officer-In-Charge in a particular area.

And speaking at the same occasion, Zambezi District Commissioner, Catherine Mukuma, expressed gratitude with the knowledge the team has imparted in the civil servants.

Ms Mukuma appealed to the PPCA team to decentralize the institution, saying the knowledge that they shared with the people in Zambezi should reach those in outskirts as well.



  1. These are same pipo u take complaints to. What’s the difference? Its a corrupt institution at best.