Govt pledges to combat livestock diseases in Western Province.

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Government through the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock has assured farmers that it is committed to combat livestock diseases which attack animals in Western Province.

Western Province   Veterinary Officer Fredrick Banda  told ZANIS in an interview that from 2009 to date  the department has embarked on an exercise of building clash pains in order to control and prevent animals from diseases such as Anthrax, Black leg , Foot and Mouth Disease Haemorrhagic Septicaemia and Contagious Bovine Pleura-Pneumonia (CBPP).

Dr. Banda stated that the Ministry had planned to construct 52 clash plains but had only constructed 38 and the other 14 will be constructed later.

He added that the animals targeted were bulls, heifers, calves, oxen, horse’s poultry and dogs.

Dr. Banda also said the project was ongoing and will benefit famers because the clash plains will in future be turned into market points.