Judge Annie Sharpe Phiri to handle judicial review


Lusaka High Court Judge Annie Sharpe Phiri is expected to preside over the judicial review filed by Petitioner William Harrington in the just ended Roydah Kaoma tribunal set up to investigate abuse of office by then Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo.

In this latest case Mr. Harrington has requested the court to determine whether pecuniary advantage was obtained by Zambia Wildlife Authority-ZAWA- officers that were appointed to fill the vacacy left by those that were fired by Ms. Masebo.

In the affidavit filed in the Lusaka High Court, Mr. Harrington has requested that he be granted leave to determine whether there are various classes of pecuniary advantage arising from Ms. Masebo’s actions.

The Royda Kaoma tribunal’s report stated that Ms. Masebo never gained pecuniary advantage nor did she assist anyone gaining to gain pecuniary advantage when she fired senior Zambia Wildlife Authority-ZAWA officials.

But Mr. Harrington argues that the new officials appointed to manage ZAWA were drawing salaries which he deems translates into pecuniary advantage.

Ms. Masebo during her tenure as Tourism Minister dismissed five ZAWA Officers on allegation of corruption.