Zesco, REA accused of discrediting govt work

Rural Electrification Authority

Kamiza Rural Health Centre Chairperson, Noah Mwanza, has accused the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) and Zesco limited of discrediting government’s development efforts in Katete district due to their failure to respond to people’s needs.


Mr Mwanza told ZANIS in an interview in Katete yesterday that people in Kamiza and surrounding villages feel cheated by the two power supply companies.


He said government, through its rural electrification program, engaged the two companies to electrify some villages in its quest of ensuring that people across the country have equal access to electricity but that the two institutions have allegedly failed to execute their mandate.


Mr Mwanza explained that last year people in the district were happy when government through REA and ZESCO limited connected the area with power but that the transformers blew up in December last year.


He said since then the two power utility firms have allegedly failed to repair the transformers resulting in people having no access to power.


Mr Mwanza said the situation has impacted negatively on the rural health centre as it can no longer offer services to patients at night.


He said currently nurses and patients are forced to stay in the dark or use candles in order to attend to emergencies in the night.


He said Kamiza Rural Health Centre has been a much appreciated clinic because of its ability to attend to maternity cases among others but that with the current situation some mothers have resorted to delivering from their homes.