Govt worried about Congolese encroachment

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Home Affairs Deputy Minister, Nickson Chilangwa, has expressed worry at the encroachment of Congolese nationals in some parts of Zambia.

The Deputy Minister says he does not understand why Congolese, who have a big country, can now start settling in some parts of Zambia and claiming to be part of their country.

Mr Chilangwa, who wass on a tour of duty of Luapula Province, said this when he held a meeting with government heads of departments in Kaputa district which was also attended by defence and security personnel.

He requested the defence and security to see if there is way to negotiate the removal of the said Congolese who have illegally settled in some parts of Chiengi and Kaputa districts.

Mr Chilangwa, who was also briefed that a number of Congolese nationals also enter Zambia on a daily basis through Kaputa to conduct business, called for the need to send immigration and Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) officers to start levying them.

The Deputy Minister, who also took time to visit various government departments, called on civil servants to work accordingly and help the Patriotic Front (PF) government to deliver to the Zambian people.

He noted that civil servants should not be masters but servants of the people and should, therefore, serve the people with honour and respect.

Mr Chilangwe who visited Kaputa Police Station among others also took time to address police officers where he assured them of government plans to improve their welfare.

He said government is working on harmonization and restructuring to ensure that the officers are duly awarded and recognized.

He explained that government will undertake a construction and rehabilitation exercise of police stations and camps to ensure that officers work and live in a conducive environment.

Mr Chilangwa also promised the officers that government will procure equipment to help officers in their work.

And earlier, a senior police officer from Kaputa asked the Minister to look into the plight of officers, especially in Nsama district, who do not have proper office and residential accommodation.

He said Nsama, which was part of Kaputa, is still being managed under Kaputa because of inadequate infrastructure.

The officer also asked the deputy minister to look into the issue of transport for officers in the district which he said is negatively affecting their operations.


  1. Timely observation…Kasumbalesa Border one of the those areas where encroachment is taking place at a very high and alarming rate…the noman’s land is all occupied by congolese and their soldiers while our police are camped deep in our land and this is an open secret…. The noman’s land should not be occupied either by zedians or congolese….kindly work out a solution or we might be squeezed in by the congolese!