Govt. to embark on mass distribution of mosquitoes nets in Mwense District


Government says it will embark on mass distribution of Long Lasting Insecticide Impregnated Nets (LLINs) to all households in Mwense district.

The move is aimed at reducing incidences of malaria among the community members in line with the Millennium Development Goals (MGDs)

District Community Medical Officer Doctor Grainer Chizoma disclosed the development during a District Malaria Task Force (MATF) committee meeting held in the district commissioner’s office, today .

Dr. Chizoma said the programme will be implemented with the logistical and financial support from Department For International Development (DFID) and world vision.

He said the programme will also include Indoor Residual Spraying and case management among others.

Mwense is among other districts in the country which have high incidences of malaria adding that last year, out of 1000 people admitted to the hospital in the area, over 800 were malaria cases.

Statistics reveal that , every person in the district at least suffers from malaria twice annually especially children under the age of five years.

The District Community Medical Officer however was of the view that the health department in the area has come up with a number of interventions aimed at reducing malaria cases in the district.

He cited Indoor Residual Spraying; distribution of Insecticide treated mosquito nets (ITNs), Environmental management, availability of malaria test kits and availability of anti malaria drugs among others.



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