Mpondela loses lodge in court divorce battle

Elias Mpondela
Elias Mpondela

PROMINENT Lusaka business executive and Zambia Amateur Athletics Association (ZAAA) president Elias Mpondela has lost Suwilanii Gardens Limited to his former wife, Judith, after a court ruling.
This is in a matter where Judith had in October 2012 sued her former husband seeking an order for property settlement under the Matrimonial Causes Act after her marriage was dissolved.
Lusaka High Court Judge Chilombo Maka-Phiri who sat as deputy registrar of the High Court ordered that plot number 22790 Suwilanji Gardens situated in Kalundu be given to Judith.
The judge ordered that the property should be valued to ascertain in comparison to the former couple’s house in Jesmondine, which the court gave to Mr Mpondela.
Ms Justice Phiri said the valuation should be done within three months of the ruling and that should the net value of Suwilanji Gardens be more than that of plot number 4 Jesmondine, Judith should pay off Mr Mpondela from the excess value in the ratio of one third for Mr Mpondela and two thirds for her.
“The outstanding amount on the loan should be subtracted from the net excess value before paying off Mr Mpondela,” Ms Justice Phiri said.
Ms Justice Phiri, however, said the valuation should not extend to Suwilanji Gardens Limited as a business.
She also ordered that the Jesmondine house given to Mr Mpondela should also be valued by a valuation supervisor acceptable to both parties.
The valuation fees should be paid by Mr Mpondela and the same should be done within three months of the court ruling.
Ms Justice Phiri said should the net value of the house be higher than that of Suwilanji Gardens, Mr Mpondela should pay off Judith the excess value in the ratio of one third for her and two thirds for him.
She said the allocation of plot number 22976 PHI Chainama to Mr Mpondela was not contended by either party and therefore she allocated it to Mr Mpondela.
Ms Justice Phiri further ruled that flat number 9E9, Kabulonga be allocated to Judith.