Too early to judge PF on Agric – RB

former President Rupiah Banda
former President Rupiah Banda

Former Republican President Rupiah Banda has charged that it is too early to judge the performance of the PF government in the agriculture sector during last twenty four months they have been in power.

Mr. Banda has also observed that agriculture in the country is improving citing foreign investors who have shown interest to take part in agricultural activities of the country.

Mr. Banda says the challenge that remains in the agriculture sector is the fact that people of Zambia are not able to take advantage of new agricultural technology which he believes can immensely contribute to the growth of the sector.

Mr. Banda, who is also a commercial farmer, states that there is need to promote and encourage every sector of the economy to continue attracting foreign investment.

He notes that if local farmers can take advantage of the agricultural technology and apply it in their agricultural activities, the country’s economy will boom and will rake in the required revenues.